About the Brewer

I’m Samuel, and this blog is all about beer.KWAK

In 2011, I moved from Lewes, East Sussex (home to the illustrious Harvey’s brewery) with my girlfriend of 6½ years to live in the city of York, North Yorkshire (a county which is home to many, many illustrious breweries)

I love beer. I drink it, I brew it and I live to visit pubs that serve quality pints of it (there are over 170 within the greater York ringroad alone). I’ve volunteered for CAMRA beer festivals, and have run my very own. Beer is a peerless beverage, and none more so (assuming you can have degrees of peerlessness) than Cask Ale, Britain’s national drink.

Now, with this blog I intend to write about beer too. You’ll find:

  • Recipes and brewing projects
  • Reviews (of beer, pubs, equipment)
  • (Restrained) Opinion and Discussion
  • Interesting beery finds

The way I see it, the best blogs offer something to the reader, rather than just a stream of consciousness or a public journal. If you want me to cover a topic, give my opinion on a beer or offer any advice, just leave me a comment.




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