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Review: Yorkshire Terrier (York Brewery)

12 Jan

500ml @ £1.90

York Brewery was founded in 1996 as a revival of the City of York’s brewing heritage, which had lapsed around 40 years’ prior. York Brewery now owns three pubs in York itself, and one in Leeds, but their beers can be found all around town.

York Brewery is one of the reasons I moved to the city at all, namely because their cask beers are excellent, and I recently became a member of their Brewery Club, which gives me 10% discounts on their products in the brewery tap, making Yorkshire Terrier a delightful £2.39 per pint!

Most of the draught beers produced by the brewery are available in bottles, and the bottled version of Yorkshire Terrier is the beer I will be reviewing today.

Style Golden Bitter @ 4.2% ABV
Appearance Amber, slightly hazy
Aroma Candied Orange, Fresh
Taste Resinous, Fruity Sweets, Clean
Bitter 3.5/5
Sweet 2.5/5


Although I’m very familiar with this beer on draught, I wanted to know whether I could still enjoy it to the same capacity outside of a pub. Maybe it was because of this high standard that I had set, but the beer didn’t really satisfy me. All of York’s bottled beers, like many other breweries’, undergo pasteurisation and filtration by an outside party. The end result is often a beer that tastes cleaner and bolder, but carries an almost ‘boiled’ taste.

The main flavour is malty and sappy, with a solid background bitterness, but none of the real punchy hop presence and light grainy flavours of the draught version. I could happily drink this during a night in, or during a barbecue, but certainly not to introduce a newbie to York’s beers.

Overall score:


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