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Brew Day: Kvass

11 Jan

It’s a Russian drink that dates back centuries, a mildy alcoholic tonic that’s made from stale rye bread, honey and raisins. It was drunk by men, women, children, high society and clergymen instead of water (but then again, so was most beer back in the day), and  certain people think it’s bloody hilarious to say “Bless you!” whenever you tell them what it is.

Yes, it’s Kvass (Квас in Cyrillic). Bless you.

Here’s someone making it with super-close-up macro-lens marks-and-spencers-food-porn production values:


What a great question. To paraphrase Adam West, without questions we’d just have answers, and an answer without a question is just a statement, etc. etc.
I’m basically ramping up towards a full brew (probably a golden bitter, watch this space) and it seemed like a fun thing to do to get myself in the swing of things. Also, considering on how inclined I am to harp on about traditional produce, it seemed fitting to respect a traditional beer-based drink of another culture. Plus I was thirsty/bored.

I was following the recipe from this site, with the addition of some fresh mint. Recipes are all variations on a theme, but here’s a step by step of how I did it. Yра!


The brew is now going to sit in a cool cupboard for 3-4 days and hopefully clear a little, then you’ll all be treated to a Review of the stuff.

First impressions were okay, yeasty and bready flavours are prominent, with the rye and the yeast lending an overall tartness. The honey had attenuated almost completely and the mint was faint, but present. The consistency was a little thick and the stuff was almost totally opaque, probably due to my zealous squeezing and straining of the bread mush. I’d recommend more water next time.

At this stage, I’m thinking homebrewed Yakult. But I like Yakult, so that’s….good? I’ll keep you posted.





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